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Does the thought of taking your children to an art museum make your eyes twitch?

I have two "spirited" children and I would have NEVER considered taking them to an art museum--until I tried it. Children are naturally curious and most LOVE going to art museums. Here are some tips I've learned from taking my kids to art museums and from working with other families. It's important that children understand WHY touching isn't allowed in most of the art museum (and not "because I say so!"). I usually say something like, "Artists spent a lot of time and thought creating the artworks in the museum and it's important that we show respect by not touching, or moving the artworks". That's enough of an explanation for most children.

Questions to ask children while in a museum:

If you had to pick one piece of art to go in your room, which one would you pick?

What was your favorite piece of art?

What piece of art was your least favorite?

If you could play hide and seek inside this painting, where would you hide?

Does this make you feel happy or sad?

Would you want this person to be your substitute teacher?


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