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Updated: Feb 21

I'm a mobile art teacher--I come to you. I've heard that this is a great idea and I've heard it's a not-so-great idea. Please let me explain why I chose to be mobile.

As a mom of a child with autism, I'm familiar with the anxiety that unfamiliar surroundings and sensations can cause--whether it's a birthday party, a camp, or an art class. Once you add a teacher or host that's unfamiliar with differently-abled children, and the stress is multiplied. That's where a mobile art teacher comes in handy. I can teach pretty much any media that doesn't require kiln firing--but I prefer to teach children, teens and beginning art classes.

A mobile art teacher can:

-teach one (or several) art lessons to your homeschool co-op

-teach art lesson(s) to differently abled adults and children in a school or home setting

-teach an art lesson at an art-themed birthday party

-design and manage an art-themed activity at a special event (tie-dye, sand painting, etc.)

-work with museums to add age appropriate art programming

-teach all requirements for an art-themed Girl Scout or Boy Scout badge in a workshop

-design programming that integrates art to teach SOLs (especially science & social studies)

-offer advice to parents who aren't sure how to begin creating art with their children


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