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You CAN paint with your kids!

"I can't teach my kids how to do art. I'm not creative enough."

"I'm not an artist. I wouldn't know how to introduce art to my children."

"No way am I letting my child paint in the house!"

I hear those sentences--or similar ones--daily. I'm going to share a secret with you. You do not need to be an artist to introduce art to a child--you don't even need to be artsy, or creative. Children are natural explorers. If you provide them with materials, they will create art. If you don't believe me, then try this lesson.

Introduction to Watercolors

Materials: watercolor paints (Prang semi-moist watercolors are cheap and fantastic), a paintbrush with a soft brush head, a cup of water, table salt, a few pieces of paper (watercolor paper is great, but so are coffee filters, paper towels, copy paper, card stock).

Extra credit: a little bowl with a tablespoon of oil in it, a little bowl with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in it, a crayon or oil pastel, and/or a straw.


Call your child into the room and show them the table with materials on it. Tell them you're going to experiment with watercolors to see how they work. That's it. That's all you need to do. Experiment!

If you need a little more direction, keep on reading...

Now somewhere in the experimenting, try this:

Put some crayon on the paper before you add watercolor and you'll notice that crayon repels watercolors. You've created a WATERCOLOR RESIST! Great, right?

Now take a paint brush and paint clear water all over a page of paper. Then dip your brush into paint and barely touch the tip of the brush to the area painted with water. You'll see the color flow and your child will be amazed!

Once you have a soupy area of paint on your paper, sprinkle salt, drip a drop of oil or a drop of alcohol--or blow the paint with a straw.

Keep going. There is no right or wrong. Leave the papers out to dry and hang them on the fridge or wall when dry. Congratulate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone.

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